High project system and STAMEC technicians’ experience, allow to satisfy the specific customer’s  requires, creating a closed relationship with him, based on cooperation and trust.

This authorized  us to do our best to anticipate the needs of our customers.

The planning requires: professionalism, concentration and attention. It starts from an accurate study of final product use, proceed with the creation of studied product, that means the real construction of the mould. This step has strict checks and measurement proof. Once overpassed precise and careful trial, the mould has been delivered to the customer.

The technician department operates on problems linked to the production and to the tools function.

STAMEC is able to provide advices about die-casting simulation. Moreover, we provide planning and mould advices, thanks to CAD ProEngineering, Catia and Unigraphics, in order to propose a service more and more complete and satisfactory.